The 7th Crucis Lancers: The Broken Wheel Charioteers
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The 7th Crucis Lancers have faithfully served the Davion family and the Federated Suns for ever since the fall of the Star League. Here you will find the history of the Lancers, their stories and photos of their mechs and equipment in action.

Regimental insignia of the 7th Crucis Lancers (Full Color version)

A subdued version exsists as well and will be up on the site shortly

  History of the 7th from the Fall of the Star League to the end of the 4th Sucession War
To be added

History of the 7th Crucis Lancers from post-3039 to the Present.
To be added

Writings about the 7th.
Here will be collected writings about the 7th Crucis and their campaigns. Submitted fiction is of course, welcome.

To submit fan fic or fan articles about the 7th, email me at this adress and write in the subj line: "7th Crucis Lancers"

The Davion Sunburst and Sword (Full Color Version)

A full color and subdued version both exsist and are used depending on the regiment, though in the 7th, Mechs and Vehicles tend to use the full color insignia as a means of demonstrating their at times; fanatical loyalty to the Davion family.