New York Battletech League Page
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New York Battletech League!
Hello all, this is the webspace I have dedicated to the NY Battletech League (though we are based in NYC, we do appreciate the participation of 'Techers Worldwide) I am attempting to organize the downstate chapter.

From Eric (Our Not so timid leader?)

Greetings everyone, I just want to give you folks a heads up on my unveiling of the first Battletech League since MechForce went under. This League was
created to bring players together, form a bond, and then spread the word,
while using the League as a focal point.

I had a basic idea of what I wanted the league insignia to look like, and I had a few artists draw up what I ahd in mind...well Matt Plog, they guy who does all the TRO art for the Clans did the best one, so I am sticking with it. All we need to do is vote on a name for the League for those that want
to be a part of it...I have a couple of ideas

Proposed Logo for the NYS Battletech League
Pretty Smeethy, huh? I like it, and here's hoping Eric will have a T-Shirt done for this?
Contact Info
Eric Lautenschlager Father of this project and titular head of the upstate chapter
Jason Weiser The author of this website and the guy trying to get us downstaters organized.