Other Miniatures Pics Page
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This will be home to photos of work on other minis done by the author
Here you will find GZG and Historical figures images.

Pics will be updated as images become available.

A GZG "Wombat" Medium Hover APC in 25mm, Paintjob and Photo by Author
A GZG Police Air Car done up in an NYPD scheme (Though not strictly representitive of that Department). Paintjob and Photo by author
Close up shot on one of my Female Sylean Rangers (It's really a GZG PAU Trooper, but it's not bad for the role) Paintjob and photo by the author
The Emperor's Hammer! Imperial Marine Fireteam moves out under the watchful eye of their team leader (Sure, they're GZG UN figs, but they look just like the Traveller Imperial Marines) Paintjob and Photo by the Author
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.
A Close up on that Sergeant.
Here's my Sylean Rangers! Paintjob and Photo by Author
Now Some Historicals! These are 20mm WWII Soviet Cavalry by Brittania. Photo is by me but paint job is by Igor Olshansky