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This is where I will be posting my designs or designs submitted to me!
Hi all,
I am always interested in designs for BT. So I will be posting my own here as well as those submitted by others!

There are some rules!

1. All designs must have be in .hm(X) format and must have fluff text. No tickie, No washie!

2. All designs must be emailed to me in a .zip file and the subject of the email must be "Design submission".

3. No Level Three stuff. I don't play level 3 and well, don't really see the need.

Designs by the author (All designs are in .hm(x) format)
Designs by me!

EPR-22D Epee A SLEP in the Draconis March for captured Kuritan Panthers in March Militia units
EPR-23D Epee A variant of the above design
AS7-DH Atlas A one-off variant of the Atlas used by a "Bounty Hunter-esque" merc.
HBK-7M Hunchback A Marik Hunchback with a surprise
HBK-6S Hunchback A Steiner Hunchback packing,(you guessed it) a Heavy Gauss Rifle
LND-1R Landsheckt My entrant into the "Affordable Mercenary Battlemech" contest on CBT, and no, it didn't win. But it didn't get TOO badly smoked either.
MAR-1D Marrion A Davion built guerilla fighter, the .zip file includes two varients of the design.
TV-GL-1A Totenvogel A Rim Worlds design of some infamy.
CRB-29K Crab A Kuritan Factory Upgrade of the venerable Crab, the .zip file contains two variants.
Cadet A Clan training mech which is an upgrade of the venerable Chameleon
DCR-7D Destructor My pet design, a Davion Assault 'mech. 3 other varients are enclosed.
CES-4D Caesar My First custom mini, here are the stats to go with it!
Paladin Artillery Vehicle Here is my first CBT Contest winner!

Designs by Others

Designs Submitted by others who were nice enough to send them

Email Me!
To submit a design, click the link!

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